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Many people around the world suffer from freckles, blemishes, acne redness and dark skin on their face. Many of them have tried out many treatments to remove those blemishes. But we all know that nowadays these problems are often caused by the environment, sunburn or bad skin care. How can we solve these problems and have bright and clear facial skin again. If we ignore these problems, they will not only get worse, they will also be harder to treat as well.


Now it's time for those, who want take care of their skin  seriously. Right now there are various technologies that can help solve these problems. Some are good and some are not so effective. However, we at Thonglor Clinic, as the competency center for all these problems and concerns offer our patients  the best technology and methods to help solving these problems correctly.


Procedures and Method of Perfect laser

Perfect laser is the latest innovation in facial skin care and combines two lasers. It helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tones, and reduces scars.

Perfect laser uses two types of laser. The first one consists of a yellow laser light at a 578nm wave length. It is able to treat broken capillaries and lighten the redness without damaging the surface of the skin, so there will be no bruises after treatment like with a traditional laser. The second one uses a green laser light at a 511nm Wavelength, which is good for the pigments of the epidermis without damaging the dermis. This results in bright and clear facial skin with reduced capillaries, which is better than the IPL treatment. You can see the results after the first treatment. However, if you perform both lasers together it produces enough energy to eliminate many kinds of cysts.


Moreover, thanks to the combination of Fast Edge Micropulse technology, it helps stimulate new collagen, prevents and treats wrinkles and marks, such as, red moles, red birthmarks, wine stains,capillaries, growths, moles, tumors under the eyes, dark spots, liver spots and blemishes effectively for all skin types.


Perfect laser procedure only takes a short period of time. You will not feel uncomfortable during the treatment. The good results can be seen quickly. Perfect laser is very safe and local anesthesia is not required. During the treatment you will feel like you are being pricked gently with a small needle. The face may become a little reddened and feel warm after treatment. However, this redness will disappear afterwards. After Perfect laser  treatment you will receive a special treatment with Cell revive cool plus, which is a cold method to push stem cell, multivitamins and minerals into the deep layers of the skin  to accelerate healing process and help recover in a very short time. The result of good and clear skin will be achieved in a short time!


What can Perfect laser  treat?

- Wrinkles, especially frown lines,

- forehead lines,

- crow's feet,

- under eye wrinkles,

- laughter lines

- redness and capillaries such as acne scars

- red moles,

- red birthmarks

- capillaries


- blemishes

- dark scars

- moles

- tumours under the eyes

- Warts

- Stretch marks on stomach

- Surgical scars, accident scars

- Uneven skin tones


Perfect laser is the most up to date and highest standard laser. The laser light will exert it’s effect on the targeted area only and will not damage the surrounding skin. Thus the minimal side effects can be redness, warm sensation for sensitive skin. Perfect laser can safely treat all skin types.



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