breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation:

Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty Augmentation)

Breast implant surgery has become the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure world wide. Primary objective of implants is to improve the size, shape and appearance of the breast.

Best Candidates


- Women who are physically healthy and want a balanced and aesthetically pleasing pair of breasts.

- Women who feel their breast size is too small, deflated or less full - with the absence of ptosis (sagging).




During your consultation at the clinic the surgeon will review your medical history and examine you and then discuss the options to consider :


- Type of Implant : Cohesive silicone gel.

- Shape of Implant : Round or Anatomical (teardrop shaped).

- Surface of Implants : Smooth or Textured.

- Profile of Implant : Forward projection (low, medium or high).

- Placement of Implant : Behind the muscle (sub-muscular or sub-pectoral), front of the muscle (sub-glandular).

- Size of Implant : Based on: width of current breasts, chest and hips; frame size, height and lifestyle . Lots of women have uneven breast sizes and this can be corrected.

- Incision Site : Inframammary (below the breast); Periareolar (around the nipple); Auxiliary (through the armpit).


Your Surgeon will discuss his preferred method for you depending on all considerations. Ultimately, size will be your personal preference. It is also recommended that you take visual aids to define what look you are wanting to achieve.




A cavity for the implant is prepared through the incision, then the method of inserting and positioning your implant will depend on your anatomy and your surgeon's recommendations.


Time : 2 - 3 hours.

Anaesthesia : General.

Hospitalisation : 1 - 2 Nights (Day surgery is not permitted).

Time Away : Allow for at least 10 days in Thailand for appointment, surgery, recovery, post op care and checkup/s.


Pre Surgery Care


- On admission day, tests will be performed, xRay, ECG and blood tests, etc...

- It is important to be as close as possible to your ideal weight and BMI before the surgery.

- Avoid all prescribed and over the counter medications (unless specified by your Medical Practitioner), aspirin included (can prolong bleeding time) : vitamins, herbs, supplements, alcohol and smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Panadol is not contra indicated.

- Plan to have enough time off for surgery and recovery particularly if other procedures are incorporated.


Post Surgery & Care


- Follow your surgeons post surgical instructions.

- Discomfort  is dependent upon the extent of work done and your general health and pain treshold. There are many variations in between individuals and recovery rate vary. Pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed.

- Sutures will be removed 4 - 7 days post surgery (depending on site).

- Drains, if required, will be removed 2- 3 days post surgery (depending on site).

- A support bra will be worn after the bandages are removed.

- Avoid initially and then limit exposure to any steam, saunas, swimming, soaking in water in general, and direct exposure to sunlight to all surgical sites to minimize scarring.

- Massage is important for optimal results and to prevent encapsulation of the implant. Your surgeon will provide you with massage instructions.


Recovery time


- Some Bruising may happen : 2 weeks Swelling : up to 3 months.

- Regular Activities : 3 weeks.

- Strenuous Activities : 4 - 6 weeks.




Well proportioned, larger, smoother and aesthetically pleasing breasts.


This information should be used as an information guide only.


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