Arm Lift


Is designed to remove excess fat and loose or sagging skin from the upper (under) arm area, to create a firmer more youthful looking arm contour. Liposuction can also be done in conjunction.


Best Candidates


Men and women that have excess loose skin and tissue thickening in the upper arm (underarm Triceps region).




During your consultation with the surgeon at the Clinic, the surgeon will review your medical history and examine your arms and after examination and discussions, the surgeon will make a determination of the procedure what will be more effective or required.




Incisions in the skin of the upper arm are made to excise the excess skin and fat from the area. The skin is then stretched and resutured together. Men and women with firm skin in most areas, that have arms that are out of proportion, may be better suited to undergo liposuction.

Time : 2 - 4 hours (depending on the patient and procedure).

Anaesthesia : General.

Hospitalisation : 1 night.

Time Away : Allow for at least 10+ days in Thailand for appointment, surgery, recovery, post op care, checkup/s and followup/s.


Pre Surgery Care


- On admission day, tests will be performed, xRay, ECG and blood tests, etc...

- It is important to be as close as possible to your ideal weight and BMI before the surgery.

- Avoid all prescribed and over the counter medications (unless specified by your Medical Practitioner), aspirin included (can prolong bleeding time) : vitamins, herbs, supplements, alcohol and smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Panadol is not contra indicated.

- Plan to have enough time off for surgery and recovery particularly if other procedures are incorporated.


Post Surgery & Care


- Follow your surgeons post surgical instructions.

- Pain is dependent upon the extent of work done and your general health and wellbeing. Every individual is unique and will have different recovery rates and pain thresholds. Pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed.

- Depending on the technique used drains /sutures will be removed in 2 - 10 Days.

- Avoid initially and then limit exposure to any steam, saunas, swimming, soaking in water in general, and direct exposure to sunlight to all surgical sites, for several months to minimize scarring.

- Compression garment to be worn to hold the shape of skin and tissue for as long as your surgeon instructs.


Recovery time


- Most patients are up and about with care in a couple of days.

- Some Bruising may happen : 2 weeks Swelling : up to 4 weeks.

- Normal Activities : 2 - 4 weeks.

- Strenuous activity : 3 - 6 weeks.




Firmer, more defined upper arm and no more shopkeeper arms.


This information should be used as an information guide only.


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